Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Mummification Process.

Mummification is an ancient tradition originated from egypt,although many countries have similarities to egypt only a few practise the tradition of mummification.Fun fact, did you know similar to nowadays everyone was allowed to be mummified but only a few could afford the mummification process.

Since the brain decays the easiest the mummifiers usually shove a metal rod and squish all the brain to protect the body from being decayed and eaten from the hungry enzymes that lurk in your body after death.Then they drain the brain out using tree tea and it also plays as a shield to decay.

Secondly, we remove the organs that are useless first  like the stomach,liver,intestines,lungs and liver.Then all the important organs remain,so they remove the heart,kidneys etc,and then store them in a jar covered in a special salt that also is a shield to decaying.

Further on, because the outside of the body was decaying they cover the entire body in tree tea and massage the body,then they fully wrap the mummified body in linen and put it in a special tomb.

My opinion is that mummification as a tradition and only tradition is ridiculously smart for people that long ago it should never change as should any tradition.

How mummies are mummified


Mummification is a process in which the skin and flesh of a corpse can be preserved. The process can occur either naturally,or it can be intentional. If it occur naturally,it is the result of cold(as can be found in a glacier),Acid(as can be found in a bog)or dryness. Did you know that being mummified cost a lot of money so if you were poor and died you were either thrown away or buried in the sand.

The first process of being mummified starts with the body being taken down to a tent known as the ‘ibu’ or the ‘place of purification’. There the Embalmers wash the body wash his body with good smelling palm wine and rinse it with water from the nile. One of the embalmers the cuts a hole in the left side of the body and removes all the organs from the body.It is important that these organs are removed because they are the first things to be decomposed.

The liver,lungs,stomach and intestines are washed and packed natron salt which will dry them out,The heart is not taken out of the body because it is the centre of intelligence and feeling and the man will need it in the afterlife. A long hook is stabbed in through the nose and is used to scoop out the brain. The body is now covered and stuffed with natron salt bags which will dry it out. All of the fluids,and rags from the embalming process which will be saved and buried with the body.

After forty days the body is washed again with water from the nile. Then it's covered with oils to help the skin stay elastic. The dehydrated internal organs are wrapped in linen and returned to the body. The body is stuffed with dry materials such as sawdust, leaves and linen so that is lifelike. Finally the body is covered again with good smelling oil and lotions and it is now ready to be wrapped in linen.In the past the the internal organs were placed in hollow canopic jars.

Mummies are very useful in our generation. Every mummy found brings us one step closer to finding new knowledge about what used to happened back in Egyptian days. Mummy's produce DNA helps scientist find out the purpose or reason for their death.

Faigafou Amani

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Losing culture

You see we come from a time where our culture meant everything to us, where we stepped out of line to do anything for our culture, yet now some barely know what their culture is. People losing their culture is, not all about not knowing how to speak your culture, you see it's much more than that. Many things can lead from one thing to another, just like losing your culture can lead from not knowing your culture to your culture being extinct.

On one hand, losing your culture is really bad because it can break your connection between your family, community and friends. The connection between your family, community and friends is really important to most people which is like about 45% - 50%, it's important to most people because you are losing a big part of yourself and losing “things”, losing most things can make you depressed. But for others it's just a walk in the park. Not having that connection can make you lose way more than just your culture,  so now are you really thinking about your culture.

On the other hand, there’s a major loss of culture in our schools and communities, because you see there’s mostly a majority of one culture in one school, let's take the Samoan culture as an example, if you go to a South side school like me then you would know that almost half the school is full of Samoans, i'm not saying it as a bad thing. Also within your community how many people can interact with each other, without asking anyone what this and that word is in their culture/language, not much aye ? Going around your community giving a nice greetings to others will actually make a really big change in yourself and also in other people's lives as well.

People disrespect one another's culture, from mocking a culture to vandalizing their cultural places or schools, churches and so forth the list goes on, just to take the Maori culture as an example the Maori school Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Kaikohe was vandalized. You see these types of things goes to show you how much respect us New Zealanders have for our own cultural schools.

Without culture you are nothing. I know this because before I came to this school I was a big nothing, I knew little about my culture and I never knew how to speak any of my 3 cultures, Niuean, Maori and Tongan. Coming to this school has helped me alot with my confidence in speaking and learning my languages and also other languages or cultures as well.

Culture is something that defines us in many ways, also it is something that ties us all together as one whole whanau, rowing our waka together can help a lot with others that do not know what their culture is. Sit back and take a while to learn a bit about your culture, do this daily and you'll know for sure that your culture is not going to fade also encourage others to do the same. Listen to my reasons and never ever let your culture fade or die.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017



Driving through an old and rocky driveway,  Ruth the 10 year old was excited to see her Grandpa. She ran inside and opened the door to her Grandpa’s room. She drops to the ground crying  a waterfall, as she see’s her Grandpa dead on the floor. Just lying down right in front of Ruth.  Ruth hugs him so tightly. He was as cold as ice,  as pale as a passing of a ghost.  She screams for her parents Faigafou and Tara to run in. Once her mum got their she was trying to find any clues of how he died. The father seeking for pills but their was nothing.  Asking themselves how that could've happened?  

“Maybe if we got here earlier he would of been alive” Tara argued. Faigafou snobs her and walks away with his head down. His smile turned into a frown putting the blame on himself.  He Rings the Ambulance, telling them to come very quickly.  Once they arrived they covered his body with this black bag and took him away.
Tara and ruth cried themselves to sleep in their grandpa’s room.  While faigafou slept in the sitting room alone.

Suddenly this noise of whispers echoed from down the hallway. Faigafou followed the noise it was coming from the grandpa’s room. Ruth began to talk like a devil was inside her. Her dad was so scared he pinched himself to see if he was dreaming but no it was reality. Tara her mother asking that demon

“Where’s my daughter, give her back to me”

Ruth was then lifted up to the ceiling of the Grandpa’s room.  The mother and father trying to reach for her daughter, but that demon wouldn't let her go. She had been thrown from one end of the room to the other. Screaming so loud a pope from the church down the road came running in. As he entered the room he grabbed his cross necklace out spraying holy water on Ruth. Speaking in this type of language the father and mother didn’t understand. The demon inside of her was slowly dying.

Instantly the room went quiet. Ruth dropped to the ground, her mother and father hugging her like there was no tomorrow. It was a miracle.  Seeing their tears had made the pope cry as well. Ruth’s parents thanked the pope for saving their daughter. If only he could of been their for their grandpa.  They would of lived a happier life.

The end!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Its once every year, she visits the depths and remainings of her beloved home. She rises from the core of her grave and instantly memories and flashbacks hit her, pounding on the side of her head like a boomerang hitting her head then instantly blasting back. The old mansion was in pieces, trashed and wrecked, windows cracked with hollow walls, noticing it wasn’t like this the year earlier. She urges with rage and anxious to find the unthoughtful people. A flashback hits her, she was eleven at the time, her father and mother shot in front of her, then held at gunpoint and gone in a snap. It’s the next day till she returns to the depths of her resting coffin.

Ruben and his mates Zach and Fredo, laugh at their misbehaving actions committed the earlier day, it was at the old mansion. Windows and walls smashed, breaking their foundation and leaving pieces all over the flour. The trio carry on to laugh and chat over their immature behavior, and later on decide to go again, this time at midnight. Zach tries hinting his friends to go during sunlight, he gives plenty of reasons why. Ruben and Fredo tease Zach for being a afraid, Zach man’s up agreeing to the midnight plan to prove he isn’t afraid. Later that day they go down the road picking up huge stones, packing it into school bags. They collect drift wood and unused metal parts, found on the bay near their homes. Citizens are confused by the things Ruben and the boys are collecting, Zach still has regrets of deciding to go at midnight, they collect a few more stones and head back home. The bags weight forces Fredo’s back to slope on an angle pulling him the opposite direction as they walk up hill. His back muscles begging him for rest as they struggle to hold an enormous amount of weight.

They arrive at their destination, well sort of did they planned to stay at Ruben's place but instead stopped at Fredo’s house, it was the nearest one from the bay, Ruben was already complaining about his back being sore. It was getting dark but it wasn’t till five hours to midnight. The trio are game freaks, they jam a bit of Clash of Clans, while they have a few packet of potato chips, and cups of fizz. They fill their hungry bellies, as they starved nearly the whole day. They continue to keep gaming, the time slowly passes by, but they manage to keep awake. It’s 11:50pm and the old mansion is couple of minutes down the road, fear is pumping through Zach’s head like a water pipe blasting non-stop. Goosebumps over take his soft skin, but without thinking he heads out with the boys. It took them approximately six minutes to arrive at the mansion the boys lay all the stones and metal pieces before their legs, they each grab a stone and aim at the inhabited mansion, shattered glass, wood collapsing and snaps are heard in the distance. The trio just laugh off at their misdemeanor actions, it’s 12:00 am and the boys witness red beams standing out, a loud scream blasts their eardrums, it seems to be a little girl. The trio run as fast a cheetah, leaving their schoolbags behind, Ruben turns over to Zach and Fredo and cried out shouting “I knew this was a bad idea” as the loud screams over take his last few words, they don’t get far till their hit from a huge swirl of wind, they collapse to the floor with minor injuries.

The boys tilt their heads witnessing the most horrifying thing ever seen,  their eyes tear up all begging for mercy. The beast screams, louder than they’ve ever heard. The sound tears their souls out of their bodies, they beg for goodwill but nothing seems to reverse their actions. Before they know it they’ve been murdered by the little girl, their bodies have been buried six feet below soil. The day was over and the little girl had returned to her resting coffin to return the next year. The trio are now the guardians of the old mansion.

Till now the three boys have not been found by any living citizen, they are now the legend of the old home. Years pass and till now they've looked after the old mansion. It’s now their duty 6to look after the old mansion they’ve torn apart, it’s the REMAINS.

Midnight Spirit

Ring Ring!!! It was 1:34 in the morning and the phone was ringing. I jumped out of bed only to see my dad running down the stairs. My dad lifted up the phone and in a very tired voice he answers with hello followed by a massive yawn. I then heard another voice as deep as the ocean reply. Lots of blabbering goes on until he drops the phone and jumps in the air with excitement. I laughed and moved out of the way as he runs upstairs to wake up my mom. We get told to go sit in the living room as he goes pop on his clothes. He runs down with his suitcase all packed. He tells us that his uncle Jahmal had past away and had gave us his entire fortune including his Mansion in Suicide Forest Pennsylvania. We packed our bags and headed for the airport, there was no time to say goodbye to friends and family members.We left at twelve am and arrived there at 3 pm.

We waited at the airport for a taxi until a tall bold deep voiced  man approaches us asking us if we were the Seki family. My dad immediately said yes.The man told us to follow him to his limousine as he takes us to destination. On our way my dad starts to recognise him. His left eyebrow rises as his right one stays the same.  CLICK!!!My dad then yells ‘‘Roberto,Roberto it's you” yells my dad. Roberto then starts to smirk as my dad kisses the top of his head. My dad starts talking about how he's gone skinny and how his head is so shiny. We jumped out of the limo surprised. Dad was jumping with joy but what he did not know is that we were gonna have the worst days of our lives.
We enter through the massive door and a massive crystal chandelier hang like a balloon on the top of the ceiling. I run upstairs to find my room and see a little girl giggles at me then in the blink of an eye she disappears and i collapse to the ground.
I pretend that it was just a thought but later on that night I hear scratching on my bedroom door until one night I hear my mum screaming so I speed my way downstairs and heave my way into her bedroom only to find her dead on the ground with my dad tied up to the bed with his mouth taped.

I untied my dad and then I burst to the floor holding my mum in my arms. We lifted her up and put her on the bed. She was bleeding badly and had a shortage of time to live with her last words”run,run fast’’I look up at the ceiling and yell then the power goes off and then  I see a being in the shadow. She slowly crept up to me and starts twisting her head the lights turns back on and she disappears and locks the door behind me and then i look back and my dad's still in the bathroom looking for pills but mum had already gone. That night I went to look for to find something to talk to the spirit and then after 2 hours of searching me and dad find a Ouija board. We take a look at the manual and find out how to operate it. We lighted the candles around us and start the game and my dad looks at me with a face that makes me feel like everything's gonna be alright we put our hands on the spiritual board and say in a very loud voice “ohhh great spirit,We come here today to ask you for our forgiveness,Please let us go safely and in exchange we sell you our souls’’ says my dad in a very frightened voice and in a blink of an eye we were back home safely but without a mum and under the control of the spirit

Don't Breathe - Iunisi Mahe

Don’t Breathe
Dynasty, a woman who past on just a few weeks before an innocent family face the consequences after choosing to move into a new town called “Tombstones”. Two kids and a mother having the innards to move into a house of an old associate, though this mother did not know it was Dynasty. Brains loosen from the roots of their heads. Articles were sent out and read thoroughly, word by word ; line by line revealing Dynasty and her actions that had not been yet punished.  Throughout this story they find out that Dynasty’s only connection to this world was the mother of this innocent family.

Lilith, the eldest out of the two and Crimson, the six year old younger one. Doors banging , lights being demolished, marks being made and curious scratching noises echoing from the tip of their ears. Lilith & Crimson not being able to rest during the living in the house. Midnights past with no slumber, school days past with no attention given to the teacher. The more & more Dynasty decides to visit , the more & more psycho this unrevealed family members become. Although, this mother was blind she knew her ways to trap people who tried to rob through their belongings. Among themselves, Lilith & Crimson decide to plan out a way to purify this irritating spirit that isn’t seeming to remove herself from their lives as there onwards ; their lives would continue to be safer and a jocular living.

Lights switched on,candles being lit, curtains being shut with a sign of an open invite for Dynasty to re-enter the house. High limits of anxiousness was shown, silence beamed in the house of horror. Dynasty was shown after all the lights were terminated and candles had twinkled and exposed her looks that were camouflaged in the mid-air of darkness. Black dust but yet human shaped; tacitly gliding above the heads of the kids through down to the mother. Lilith & Crimson galloped through the hallways of terror and into the room they scurry. Scrunched in a corner cuddling with fear and deep intuitions on what Dynasty could possibly be doing to Mum. A voice & footsteps start to reflect through their door. “Don’t breathe” Lilith mutters into Crimson’s ears. Through the door Dynasty slides beneath the door and reaches out towards Crimson and tosses him across the room with fierce anger. Lilith picks herself up and rapidly scampers towards Dynasty and stabs the air disregarding that Dynasty’s only a spirit. Sprinting after Lilith , she swiftly switches the light on that was thankfully just one meter away ; leaving this daunting spectre a light to shine into her invisible yet horrifying eyes.

Mum bolted up,navigating the sound of the screeching and rotates into the room. Unexpectedly, holding a gun to her head with the kids notifying her that there’s a better way to solve this. Bursting into deep , watery tears and  the screeching from one corner to the other. Dynasty briskly heads straight towards Mum but in a second she pulls the trigger with no farewells nor warnings. Down she goes and away Dynasty vanishes. Lilith & Crimson squalling with non-stop tears as they approach down towards the ambulance leaving the mother dead and pale in the bed of unconsciousness. Dynasty nor Newspapers about Dynasty were never to be seen ever again with a side of Lilith & Crimson living a blissful and safer life. Therefore, Lilith & Crimson grew up to know that sometimes “The people that you want to stay in your life will always find a way”.